Math Workshops

All of our math workshops for teachers are available virtually or in-person. You’ll learn how to make math fun, so your students are engaged but never frustrated. Plus, our games reinforce a wide range of key concepts and reduce learning gaps amongst your students.
“I really like it. I mean, I don’t really like math, but what they did made it fun.”
Student testimonial

Students are more motivated to learn when they’re fully engaged. That means you’ll experience less resistence in the classroom and much higher levels of engagement. Our games make teaching math more fun! Additionally, everything you learn in our workshops can be implemented in the classroom the very next day.

* All of our games follow Canadian & U.S. standards for math

Primary Math Games Workshop

Timeline:Half day up to a two-day workshop Suggested Attendees:Pre-kindergarten – through Grade 2/3 teachers, teacher assistants, special education, and afterschool program staff, curriculum coordinators, math

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