Upper Elementary Math Games for Teaching Place Value

90 minutes – half day

Suggested Attendees:
Upper Elementary Grades 3-5 or 4-6 

Available Format:

Virtual (live webinar) or in-person

Place value concepts lay the foundation for success in all aread of the math curriculum. Come prepared to play games that incorporate the use of cards, dice, multi-sided place value dice, number lines, and other easy-to-find manipulatives. Games and strategies will focus on the following concepts:

  • Composing/decomposing numbers
  • Naming, ordering and comparing large numbers to millions
  • Decimal concepts, comparing, and operations
  • Rounding and expanding numbers
  • Written and standard form
  • Identifying specific place values
  • Estimation and patterns using number lines

We will share reproducible game-boards, student samples, math talk, concept skills checklists, and journal writing extensions. Throughout the workshop, we’ll provide ideas for working with this essential part of the curriculum and bringing concepts to life for students with engaging and fun activities.

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