Math Shakers

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks’ math shakers are our number one selling product! This amazing manipulative integrates whole body movement into learning which studies show increases engagement and retention of key mathematical concepts. Our shakers are durable plastic that allow for a variety of dice to be added as the containers can be opened. The dice shakers can be used in whole class learning or small groups, and are ideal for students in kindergarten to grade 8. These shakers are far more than a storage container, they are a powerful tool that helps provide quick practice with many primary to middle years math concepts. These shakers can be used all day, not just at math time, as they provide a brain break followed by quick math practice opportunities. Our math shakers come in full and half sized class kits, as well as custom student sets! Check out our kits for whole class play with two teacher resource books available. If you have any questions about what kids and manipulatives are right for your classroom, please contact us!

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