Educational Workshops for Teachers, Students, and Families

Our math and literacy workshops are fun, engaging, and effective. Plus, all of the games we teach can be easily implemented into your regular classroom, summer school program, or after-school program.

We also offer virtual or in-person formats, so you can enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings of an online workshop that’s equally as engaging and perfect for remote districts or schools! Learn more about the benefits of virtual workshops here!

What We Provide in Our Educational Workshops

Our workshops are jam-packed with valuable strategies, games, and differentiation ideas to keep your whole classroom engaged. For each of our virtual or in-person workshops, we provide the following:

  • Tailored content, focused on the grade level you request.
  • An extensive PDF handout that contains gameboards, math talk/journal extensions, and concept skill checklists for assessment, all of which are immediately useable in the classroom.
  • We record and share our session with you for follow-up review. That way you have a resource to refer to for training, and you can share it with teachers who weren’t able to attend the live webinar workshop. This is also beneficial for our virtual family game nights as many families have prior commitments and are unable to attend. With the recorded session, they can watch it on their own time.

We promise to make our sessions hands on by:

  • Providing pre-purchased math or literacy kits sent ahead of time, so teachers and/or students can use them on the date of the workshop OR
  • We can request that teachers or families have a deck of cards or regular spotted dice on hand. These are easy-to-find resources and will guarantee to make the session hands on and engaging.
  • Participant door prizes are sent following the webinar!

Math Workshops

We present new and fun games that’ll help your students learn key concepts while staying engaged without getting frustrated.

Literacy Workshops

Help your students excel in their reading, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension concepts with our hands-on literacy workshops!

Family Games Night

Our math and literacy family games night will bring students and parents together to play a wide variety of fun and productive games.
Thanks for checking out our workshops and webinar page. We provide the following options:


In Person workshops
full descriptions can be found below


Virtual Webinars
We have been delivering these since March 2020 to great success. They are still hands-on workshops


Family Math and Family Literacy Game Nights
These can be presented both in person format or via zoom or using school district platforms