Here at Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, our team of consultants is led by fearless leaders, Jane and John Felling. Jane started the business in 1988, and over the years has grown the business from a purely Alberta based demographic to a multinational business with contracts and speaking engagements with schools throughout North America. Box Cars has a team of consultants who help with workshops, coaching, and family events!

John Felling

Lead Consultant, Box Cars And One Eyed Jacks

John Felling has been an educational leader for over 35 years. He is a published author and consultant providing insight and expertise in the areas of Math, English Language Arts, Physical Education, Teaching, and School Administration. He has presented at many national conferences and conventions including ASCD Conferences on Teaching Excellence, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as other national, regional, provincial, and state conventions throughout North America. He still finds time to teach in classrooms a few days each month which helps him stay current with the challenges facing students, teachers and administrators. 


The workshops and seminars John Felling presents are engaging, informative, fun, and hands-on. In his workshops, teachers learn a variety of games and activities (new ones every year) closely tied to national, state and provincial curriculum standards. The games and activities presented integrate easily with the learning resources teachers are already using or can easily obtain. 


John’s presentations provide insights and strategies along with a healthy dose of humor, helping participants to remember and apply what they learn. Participants in his sessions have consistently expressed how much they enjoy his presentations and implementing his strategies into their classrooms. Attend his sessions and see why! 


John Felling Author / Consultant / Business Manager Box Cars And One-Eyed Jacks Inc. 

17920 105 Ave (Unit 101), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5S 2H5 Phone: 1-780-440-6284 Email: Website:

Bachelor Physical Education, University of Manitoba – 1976 

Education Certificate, University of Manitoba – 1978 

Masters of Arts Education, San Diego State University – 1987

Black Gold Regional School Division – Leduc, Alberta, Canada 1979 – 1986 Teacher 

1986 – 2008 Administrator 2008 – Present Author/Consultant/Business Manager, Box Cars And One Eyed Jacks 2014 – Present 

Instructor for courses offered through: Humboldt College, California; Montana State University Continuing Ed; IL-ASCD Continuing Ed series 2020, IL-ASCD 

Continuing Ed series 2021.

ASCD – National Convention, several years 2006 – present 

ASCD – Conference on Education Leadership, 2017 

ASCD – Conference on Teaching Excellence 2016, 2017 and 2019 (June 27) 

NCTM – National Convention and Regional Conferences, several years State and Provincial Conferences – numerous each year 2006 – Present

ASCD IL December 2018 Journal – Math Games Reveal Students Gifts and Gaps

Math Shakers (Grades 4-8) 

All Hands On Deck Revised (Grades 3-5) 

Double Dare You Revised (Ages 8-13) 

Math Fun’Die Mentals (Grades 3-8) 

Rolling Into Math (Grades K-3) 

Plav On Words (Grades K-4) 

Daily Physical Education “No Sweat” For Classroom Teachers (Grades K-9)

Jane Felling

M.Ed, B.Ed(After Degree) BPE

Jane is a founder and co-owner of Box Cars And One-Eyed Jacks. She has co-authored all 14 books in the Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks teacher resource series as well as having co-authored both of the Domino Games teacher resource series. 

Jane began her teaching career in 1983 as an elementary classroom teacher in an urban setting where she became well known for providing an inclusive model for special education students who were also assigned to her class. Later, she moved to a rural setting. She co-founded Box Cars And One-Eyed Jacks in the early 1990s. Since then, she has presented at National, State, and Provincial Conventions, District Professional Development Days, teacher workshops, parent workshops and has provided model lessons in schools throughout North America and Australia. 

The workshops Jane presents are well received by teachers, students, and parents alike for the engaging, informative, fun and hands-on experience. In her workshops, teachers learn a variety of games and activities that are closely tied to state and national curriculum standards and integrate easily with the learning resources teachers are already using. Teachers come away with knowledge and skills that enable them to easily implement a games teaching strategy. Their students benefit by engaging in interesting, challenging, easily differentiated, brain friendly activities which help them improve their academic achievement. In addition to learning new games and activities, teachers also learn “tips” on classroom management and organization that increase student on-task time, decrease student disruptions, and reduce teachers’ preparation time. 

Jane is passionate about making a difference in the education of all students. She believes students learn best when they are engaged and challenged. Her Master’s thesis dove deeply into the topic of Games as a Teaching Strategy. Recent findings in Brain Learning Research support what she has known for many years. 

Jane is co-author of the award winning Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks series and has been a leader in the area of games as a teaching strategy for over 25 years. She has been a featured speaker at the National ASCD and NCTM conferences as well as the ASCD Summer Conference on Teacher Excellence, hundreds of provincial and state conferences, and has worked with thousands of teachers and students during her consulting career. Her research for her Master’s was in the area of game instruction theory and she has taught K-8 and special education as part of her contracts. She has helped implement several school-wide adoptions of the Box Cars resources and is passionate about helping teachers with brain compatible instructional strategies. Jane is known for her high energy presentation style and her engaging, informative, practical workshops.