Decks of cards are an accessible manipulative for learning a wide range of math concepts. Anyone can find a deck of cards hanging around the house, but what makes Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks’ decks of cards special is the design. Rather than the ace and face cards, the ace is replaced with a one, and Jack, Queen, and King cards are replaced with 0, 11, and 12. Although all of our games can be played with a regular deck of cards, replacing the face cards with numbers makes the games far easier to access, especially for younger students. Card games can be integrated into whole class learning, small group, and differentiated instruction, as well as part of a family math night that feature our best card games. Card games for math concepts are a quieter form of learning, perfect for a “Full Moon Friday” kind of day! Our decks of cards come in kits and they can also be purchased individually. Pair them with our award-winning game books! Need help choosing the right items for your classroom? Please contact us!

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