Oh the Math They’ll Know – Pre K to Kindergarten

90 minutes – 3 hours

Suggested Attendees:
Early primary teachers, ELL, special education, and teacher assistants

Available Format:

Virtual (live webinar) or in-person

We’ve put together a tailor made workshop for Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten levels. It’s never too early to start teaching key math concepts! Come prepared to play games that  incorporate the use of cards, dice, and multi-sided dice and dominoes that teach the following early childhood concepts:

  • Subitizing
  • Counting to 5, 10, to 20 and beyond
  • Comparing numbers as greater or less than, odd even
  • Counting on and back from a given number, patterns
  • Developing early operations
  • Doubles 
  • Make 10 and more
  • When ready to numbers to 100

We’ll share ideas for developing Math Talk, journal drawing/writing, and other response activities throughout the workshop. Participants will learn how to create math stations, use student response for assessment purposes and how to extend the games and activities to the home. Come prepared to play!

We can also provide Pre-K – K family math nights!

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