Middle Years Math Games Workshop

Half day up to a two-day workshop

Suggested Attendees:
Grade 5/6 – Grade 8/9 teachers, special education high school teachers, teacher assistants, special education, and afterschool program staff, curriculum coordinators, math coaches

Available Format:
Virtual (live webinar) or in-person

In this workshop, you’ll learn engaging and effective ways to help your middle years students gain confidence and competence with key math concepts! We’ll play math games that incorporate the use of cards, dice, multi-sided dice, number lines, fraction manipulatives and other easily found math manipulatives. Concepts covered include:

  • Integers
  • Operations with fractions and decimals
  • Algebra and linear equations
  • Statistics chance and probability
  • Multi-digit operations including order of operations
  • Remedial fact fluency if requested

Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to play each game and learn how to differentiate the activities, how to develop math journal extensions, maximize math talk, integrate problem solving strategies, and how to use game activities for assessment purposes. We will also provide student samples, game-boards, and ideas for whole/small group instruction.

You’ll also gain practical ideas for classroom organization and management to ensure effective implementation of games as a teaching strategy, as well as sharing ideas for developing weekly lesson plans. Schools can pre-purchase kits and resources, and participants will be able to implement what they learn the next day in their classrooms and schools.

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