5 Classroom Activities to Make Math Fun!

students using math shakers in classroom activities

With summer ending and back to school starting, we’re encouraging you to Shake Up September with fun classroom activities that are easy to incorporate into your lessons. Keep your students engaged while also learning key concepts and improving math confidence with these easy to use shake break activities. Using games to teach math is proven […]

7 Benefits of Virtual Workshops for Teachers

teachers meeting online for virtual workshop

Since March 2020, Box Cars has conducted hundreds of virtual, live on-demand workshops for teachers and families throughout North America. It was a pivot we first made with trepidation, but then we grew to embrace this amazing technology. It has allowed us to connect with many more teachers, districts, and families than we would have […]

Best 3 Summer Math Activities with Cards for Your Students

family playing summer math activities together at table

I hope some of you reading this remember the traditional card game called War. Simple, but so much fun, I would play it for hours with my friends all summer long. A simple deck of cards could keep us entertained for hours, and it was so much fun trying to capture all the picture cards! It should […]

Top 5 Benefits of Workshops for Teachers

teacher taking online workshop

As an educator, you know there is never an end to learning. You teach this to your students, but how do you incorporate this into your career? Workshops are a great way to continue your education, learn new skills, and stay up-to-date on latest research and strategies. In this post, we’re looking at the top […]

Math Games Reveal Students Gifts and Gaps 

Child holding multi-colored dice while playing a math game

This post was originally published in the IL ASCD Winter 2018 journal. Gifts and Gaps Students come to school with gifts and gaps in their learning and understanding. Two of our important jobs as teachers are to determine what our students’ gifts are and document them while we also learn what their gaps are and plan […]

How to Incorporate Fun Classroom Learning Games into Your Program

Over the past 30 years, the Box Car’s authors and the Box Car’s consulting team have provided many easy to implement ideas and ways for teachers to incorporate fun classroom learning games into their programs.  This blog will feature our favorite ways we have helped teachers do this. After reading this post, you’ll have tangible […]

5 Reasons to Use Fun Learning Games In the Classroom

From the pandemic, to curriculum changes, to an ever-evolving role of technology in educational practices, teachers and school administrators have had to shift the way they engage students. And now more than ever, fun learning games in the classroom are becoming more and more popular, because they not only engage students, but they also improve […]

Current & Upcoming Zoom Workshops

presenting zoom workshop

It has been a busy two weeks for Box Cars doing professional development.  The beauty of zoom is that we can be in so many districts during a two week span, that regular in person workshops can’t accommodate.  Last week in January we were zooming into: Beaumont TX region ESC5 Allegany MD. for a Family […]

Engaging Disengaged Students in Regular, Afterschool, and Summer School Programs

During the past two years, education and teaching practices have changed and adapted. In turn, methods to engaging disengaged students are more challenging with disrupted learning environments. In this post, we’ll explore different learning resources to keep your students engaged and challenged, especially in regular, afterschool, and summer school programs. After reading this post, you’ll […]

Brand New Website

Hello and welcome to the newest version of our website!  We are so excited with the January 14, 2022 launch, it’s been in the works since early last summer.  As with any website that undergoes major revisions, there may be a few glitches here and there – we should be able to catch most of […]