Brand New Website

Hello and welcome to the newest version of our website!  We are so excited with the January 14, 2022 launch, it’s been in the works since early last summer.  As with any website that undergoes major revisions, there may be a few glitches here and there – we should be able to catch most of them relatively quickly so thank you for your patience.  After January 20th, if you see anything that needs to come to our attention, please use our contact form to let us know what we needs fixing.

As of now, all game books and kits have a quick link to a pdf full sample games (including full rules, gameboards and recording sheets) as well as the book’s table of contents, so that you can try some of the activities out and get a feel for the book’s contents. This is great for your planning and cross referencing to your curriculum standards. We are so proud of our games – the thoroughness of the math journal questions, math talk, differentiation ideas. 

Very soon, we will start to update this section on a frequent basis with news and blog posts that we hope will be of interest to you – so stay tuned.  

Thank you for all or your interest and support, we look forward to continue to serve your educational needs.