presenting zoom workshop

Current & Upcoming Zoom Workshops

It has been a busy two weeks for Box Cars doing professional development.  The beauty of zoom is that we can be in so many districts during a two week span, that regular in person workshops can’t accommodate.  Last week in January we were zooming into:

  • Beaumont TX region ESC5
  • Allegany MD. for a Family Math Night
  • two schools in Edmonton for family nights
  • Burbank CA
  • Lake County IL.   

Coming up the first week of Feb:

  • On slate Portage la Prairie, MB
  • Ft. McMurray
  • Edmonton
  • back to Burbank
  • Lakeland County, New York
  • Georgia State Math Conference to end a great couple of weeks. 

WOULDN’T IT BE AWESOME TO HAVE ALL THOSE AIR MILES!  Seriously, what a privilege to be in so many places doing some great professional development. 

If you’re interested in booking a workshop, click over to this link!