Student Workshops

In-Person Workshops


Family or Parent Nights

60 – 90 minutes

Suggested Attendees:
Parents, Guardians, Administrators, Select Teachers, and Students

Workshop Details

Parents and students come together to play a wide variety of math games from the award-winning Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks series. Using cards, dice, or dominoes, families will review and strengthen basic math concepts.  Our team will provide proven ideas and strategies for learning: basic operations/basic facts, place value, multi-digit operations, order of operations, and more. For middle years, we will review basic skills and advanced math concepts. Playing together builds success and self-esteem for students while making it easy for parents to provide support and encouragement in the home setting.

NOTE: Some schools opt to do a Parent Only Format – no problem, whichever format is chosen, we will still provide an engaging, fun workshop that will help parents work with their children.

21st Century and Title 1 Grants are great sources of funding to provide this type of workshop


Consultant Classroom Coaching Lessons

Workshop Details

Added onto many of our full day teacher workshops, the Box Cars authors and consultants can visit your school or district for the day or week and teach model lessons to your students.  A timetable for the day is constructed with your input and we teach as many students and classes as possible. Teachers can have input into concepts taught to their class, and will observe management and teaching strategies used by the consultants or authors. Teachers learn right alongside their students and experience firsthand how easily and effectively games in their classroom can take place. Teachers and students alike will experience strategies for immediate implementation, differentiation for individualized student success, and encouraging Math Talk.  Teachers will be provided a Lesson Observation Guide to help focus their observations and provide a basis for debriefing the lesson later that day by the consultant.

Many schools pair Consultant Classroom Coaching Lessons with a Family Night event. Finishing off a day of Consultant Classroom Coaching Lessons with a Family or Parent night is a great way to build continuity throughout your school community. Consultant Classroom Coaching Lessons can be provided in Kindergarten through 9th Grade classrooms.