Do your students need to have their own manipulative sets for the upcoming school year? If you’re looking for a grab n’ go Math or Literacy Set, check out our selection of pre-made Student Sets! Perfect for both home and school use. All Student Sets come in a washable mesh bag (Great for sanitizing hard plastic manipulatives like dice). Bulk discounts apply. Buy 25 or more of any individual student set and get 10% off! For large school or district-wide orders, please contact us directly for a quote.

Box Cars can also help you design your own personalized Custom Student Math or Literacy sets! We can offer advice based on grade levels and topics.  Check out the video below to have John and Jane Felling (literally) walk you through the process!

Step One: Select a small or medium sized mesh bag for your student set. Note that our bags can be placed in the dishwasher or sink with soapy water to be sanitized!

Step Two: Tell us what you want in each bag!

SAMPLE $10.00 Bag, pictured below  (retail $12.00/ea):
DC03 ONES 0-9 ten sided place value dice x 2
DC04 DECADES 00-90 ten sided place value dice x 2
DC05 HUNDREDS 000-900 ten sided place value dice x 2
A set of double six dominoes
DC01 Minideck of cards x 1
0-100 Number Line x 1
Bingo Chips


Step Three: We will then quote you a price for your custom bag; bulk discounts are available for high volumes. As the largest provider of cards, dice and dominoes in the country, we have the ability to supply district-wide quantities. Whatever you want we will assemble, then TIGHTEN, TOGGLE & TEST each mesh bag and ship to your school for distribution.

Step Four: Hand out to students at the beginning of the year when you are back! You can assign bags to students using a bread bag clip with the students’ name.

Looking for something more involved?

Box Cars can also make custom math kits which include filled math shakers and dice trays!  We will work within your budget to create a kit that targets specific grade levels, topics or needs (ELL, SpEd). We can also assemble kits based on preferred manipulative (ie, Double dice, Dominoes, Shakers, etc). Distribution is a breeze! Box Cars will take care of shipping arrangements to make sure your order arrives as safely as possible, and we can label each kit by classroom or teacher. The possibilities are endless! Custom Kits work best when paired with a Professional Development Workshop or Webinar so your teachers will have both the resources AND the coaching they need to get started straightaway.

Contact us at if you are interested or would like more information. We turn around custom orders within a matter of days, so you won’t have to wait long to get rollin’!