Family Literacy Game Nights


60 – 90 minutes

Suggested Attendees:
Parents, Guardians, Administrators, Select Teachers, and Students

Available Format:
Virtual live webinar or in-person (for live webinars, we typically invite K – grade 2 students, followed by grade 3 – 5/6 groupings)

Parents & students come together to play a wide variety of literacy games from the award-winning Cars and One-Eyed Jacks series. Using letter tiles, literacy dice and word decks families will increase and strengthen basic literacy concepts. Our team will provide ideas and strategies for learning:

  • Introducing the alphabet & it’s sounds
  • Building rhyme, word families & letter families
  • Vocabulary, enriching spoken & written vocabularies
  • Spelling simple CVC words
  • Vowels
  • Word Play

*Schools/PTA’s/Grants purchase family literacy kids which are shipped ahead to use during the workshop. These are kept in the homes for continued use and practice.

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