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Knocking Out Doubles
A quick, one-minute math activity

Check out one of our favourite one-minute math activities: "Knocking Out the Doubles", as presented by Jane Felling!

Doubles 0-5 Doubles 6-9

Dividing By Fractions
A quick, two-minute math demo

Why do we flip the fraction and multiply when we are DIVIDING BY FRACTIONS, as presented by John Felling!

Dividing by a Fraction (explains why we "flip the fraction and multiply")

K-2 Videos
From Suzanne Weider

Suzanne Weider is back with more great Box Cars videos!

Dice Tray Games On this page, Suzanne shows off some tips on how to care for your stratedice trays, and teaches you popular dice tray games like Horse Race and Warp 18.

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Videos: K-2 Videos: 3-6

Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts
From Jo Boaler (Stanford University)

Had the pleasure of reading a great article by Professor Jo Boaler (Stanford University) that really explains well the importance of number sense over memorization.

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