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Rolling in the Dough US Edition - Money Games for Kids


This 146-page book contains 71 games for Kindergarten to Grades 5 and up. Games teach the following skills:

  • Names and Values of Coins
  • Counting Mixed Coins
  • Odd and Even
  • Comparing Coin Values
  • Calendar Operations
  • Trading Coins
  • Problem Solving
  • Making Change
  • Place Value
  • Money Notation
  • Adding and Subtracting Change
  • Multiplying Money
  • Integers
  • Mental Computation
  • Estimation
  • Designing and Making Coins
  • Graphing
  • Filling Out Deposit Slips
  • Filling Out Cheques and Invoices
  • Comparing Prices
  • Checking Sales Receipts
  • Division
  • Reading Tables
  • Fractions and Decimals
The book also includes American money facts and reproducible gameboards.

Sample Games

Piggy Bank or Bust
For Kindergarten to Grade 2. Teaches adding and subtracting pennies.

"Cheaper by the Dozen"
For Grades 4 and up. Teaches price comparison and division.

Piggy Bank or Bust

Word Building Relay