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On A Roll To Literacy And More
Grades K-6

Bigger and Better! On A Roll To Literacy comes complete with letter tiles and 2 alphabet dice. Ideal as a classroom center.

This book is also sold as part of our Literacy Kit and Literacy Mini-Kit.

$29.95 Book & Manipulatives (BK21)

$23.95 Book Only (BK21A)

On A Roll To Literacy And More

The teacher resource book On A Roll To Literacy packaged with enough manipulatives to have the whole class engaged in Literacy Games at the same time! Comes with 8 sets of letter tiles (two complete alphabets plus 8 extra high frequency letters in each set) and 8 lowercase alphabet dice.

$69.95 Book & Manipulatives (KL21)

Literacy Kit

A collection of our most requested literacy books combined with our best literacy materials makes the perfect resource for any elementary classroom. Over $235.00 if ordered separately, only $199.95 bundled as a kit!

Kit includes...

$199.95 Kit (KL01)

Play on Words
Grades K-4

Our newest literacy book! Includes eighteen games built around our sight word and missing vowel decks. Students use the decks with letter dice, vowel dice and letter tiles to build words, rhymes, sentences and other language skills. Comes with 1 missing vowel deck and 1 sight word deck, 2 alphabet dice, 4 vowel dice and a set of 60 lowercase letter tiles.

Look Inside!

$32.95 Book & Manipulatives (BK18)

$12.95 Book Only (BK18A)

Play on Words
Class Kit

With the launch of a new literacy book comes a new literacy kit! The Play on Words Class Kit comes with the new book and, like our other kits, all the materials your class needs to get started right away. If you've already enjoyed our Literacy Mini Kit, this new kit makes an excellent expansion to the repertoire of games in your language arts classroom.

Kit includes...

$69.95 Kit (KL18)

Literacy Mini-Kit

If you're looking to save on a suite of literacy books and materials but only need enough for your home or for classroom centers, our mini-kit should be an excellent fit.

Kit includes...

$89.95 Mini-Kit (KL03)

Spelling Rules With These Cool Tools
Grades K-7

A colorful, 56-page book perfect for both home and classroom. Alphabet stories teach phonics and sound/symbol relationships, while fifteen awesome games teach young "Rock 'n Rulers" to spell and to think on their feet. Comes with 2 alphabet dice and a set of 60 durable vinyl letter tiles.

This book is also sold as part of our Literacy Kit and Literacy Mini-Kit.

Look Inside!

$18.95 Book & Manipulatives (BK11)

$9.95 Book Only (BK11A)

Literacy Dice Kit

Have our spelling and literacy books but need more game pieces? This kit contains alphabet dice, as well as dice marked with question words, parts of speech and words for colors and numbers.

Kit includes...

$69.95 Dice Kit (KL02)

Family & Summer School Literacy Kit

Two of our family friendly literacy booklets packaged with a variety of alpha and literacy dice, letter tiles and, of course, our versitile missing letter and missing vowel word decks! Over 30 games all together that help promote spelling, word patterns and more. Great for summer and home learning that doesn't feel like homework. Parents will love it as an easy and fun way to practice literacy, spelling and language skills. Schools will love it as a means to help parents help their children with English Language Arts.

$39.95 1 Kit (KL06)